Bar and Sheet Material Storage

Storage solutions for bar and sheet materials. Fully welded steel construction and available in a variety of colours, the range includes: Bar Cradles, Horizontal sheet and bar racks,Heavy duty sheet and bar racks,Pigeon hole storage.


Manufactured in the UK our sheet metal storage racking system is designed to offer a safer and easier way to handle and store various sizes of metal sheets both inside and outside. Available up to 12 metres high and with a capacity of up to 20,000 kg per location.

sheet metal heavy duty racking

Bar Pallets Capacity 1000kg simple fully welded  steel stillages for the storage of steel bars or tubes. Each bar pallet has a capacity of 1000 kg and they can be stacked as shown in the picture below with a mximumcapacity of 5000 kg

BRP01Z 2 bar pallets

Product Information

Sheet Storage Racks that are suitable for storing sheet steel, timber, perspex and any other material. A 2.4 m sheet will overhang just 200 mm 8" at each end of the GVR01 premium sheet rack shown below. Merlin Industrial also have a wide range of stepped sheet storage racks.

gvr01 vertical sheet rack

Cantilever racking and bar racks provide a comprehensive storage solution for long products. Stored across supporting beams the open front allows easy access for forklift trucks. Cantilever racking comes in bays of 2 x uprights and can easily be extended to allow for extremely long storage capacities. Modular cantilever racking is shown at the bottom of this page along with prices.

cantilever racking systems merlin

Shelving and Racking Shelf Panels

Racking can be turned into shelving using the different timber shelves shown below.  Existing shelving can also be re-furbished so that weight loadings can be maintained or increased.

Chipboard shelves

Manufactured to order from structural steel the Cantistor cantilever racking system is designed for long term and heavy duty applications. Every enquiry is bespoke and designed on a computer aided design system to SEMA standards.

cantistor cantilever racking

Cantistor - cantilever racking

Stepped Height Sheet Racks or Variable height racks are ideal for general workshops and colleges where various sizes of sheet materials and off-cuts need to be stored.  The sheet rack shown below has 4 sections at different heights.

Multi height sheet rack

Coil racking solutions provide a safe and easy storage system for storing various coils such as cables and wire as well as rolls of plastic, carpets and other products that are difficult to use on regular pallet racking.

coil heavy duty racking

Manufactured using hot rolled structural steel our structural steel pallet racking offers much more strength that standard pallet racking. Designed to take more fork lift damage than other racking and can be galvanised for external use in builders merchants and timber yards.

structural pallet racking

An innovative mobile pipe storage solution, designed to keep lengths of pipe safe, organised and easy to manoeuvre on site. The Mobile Pipe Rack is available with either a 1 tonne or a 2 tonne capacity. Each unit has been fully tested and certified, to guarantee you a top quality product, and complete peace of mind. Folds down flat for easy storage and transport.

Pipe rack mobile

Vertical Storage Racks, store large or small items vertically in this welded rack. The unit can be bolted to the floor for extra safety. Distance between the uprights is 250mm or 10". For the new adjustable vertical rack see the bottom of this page.

Vertical Storage Rack

We have a variety of pallet racking systems that will provide the perfect storage solution for your business. We take full consideration that each business needs to find a storage solution which makes the most of the available space.

two bay pallet racking

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