Bar Pallets Capacity 1000kg simple fully welded  steel stillages for the storage of steel bars or tubes. Each bar pallet has a capacity of 1000 kg and they can be stacked as shown in the picture below with a mximumcapacity of 5000 kg

BRP01Z 2 bar pallets

Product Information

  • Versatile and flexible bar storage system
  • Welded construction
  • Stacks 5 high
  • Load Capacity:  1000kg

Bar Pallets

Image showing 4 x the BRP01Z Bar pallets being used though due to the simple design the units can work with your bar stock to suit you.

BRP01Z 4 bar pallets


Internal Size mm
Overall Size mm
Weight Kg
620 x 400
700 x 480
920 x 400
1000 x 480
620 x 520
700 x 600
920 x 520
1000 x 600

The BRP12Z as shown below is the largest steel bar stillage at 1000 x 600 mm

BRP12Z bar pallets

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