Update The hygienic plastic pallet known as Biopal has been discontinued though we can provide alternatives. Please let us know the size and quantity you require and we will send information and prices.


It is vital that palletised goods are handled safely whether they are being transported or stored in racking. This range of warehouse pallets enable you to choose the pallet to best suited to your racking.

Maestro Plastic Pallets - Hardwearing European manufactured reusable pallets.


Packpal does everything the traditional wooden pallet does. And more. The 100% recyclable design is light but strong. Made to cope with the rigours of the intense environment of the warehouse and supply chain. Built to withstand clumsy handling by forklift. In all weathers.

Plastic pallets are now a requirement in the food industry and provide a storage base that can be continually used and cleaned.  Plastic pallets are also lighter than the timber versions and allow for a wide range of applications such as storage on racking and a range of nesting pallets are also available to reduce storage space when not in use.

CPP878 CABKA-IPS pallet range

Convert a standard pallet into a stackable chrome mesh container in seconds.  With a capacity of 1000 kg and a host of accessories such as security lids these cage retention units will save money and space. Make your existing pallets work!


Pallet retention units

A wide variety of steel storage pallets that are manufactured to suit most requirements. Available in a variety of colours, the range includes:


Sump pallets are designed to store any leaks from the containers or drums placed on top and allow for fork lift or pallet truck access. Stop potentially dangerous chemicals reaching drains and are manufactured from chemical resistant plastics.

 QS100 Plastic sump pallet


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