Custom Wooden Pallets

It is vital that palletised goods are handled safely whether they are being transported or stored in racking. This range of warehouse pallets enable you to choose the pallet to best suited to your racking.

Open Boarded Construction Pallet

Close Boarded Construction Pallet


These warehouse pallets mean you need not "make do" with potentially dangerous second hand pallets or use pallets which may be the wrong size or design for your racking or product.

  • Superior grade kiln dried timber
  • Countersunk ring nailed construction
  • Two way entry
  • Extra rugged construction for returnable pallets
  • Load retaining battens
  • Open boarded or close boarded construction
  • Option of planed face on close boarded pallets

Standard Pallets Size

Width (mm)Depth (mm)
1200 1000
1000 1000
1000 900
1200 800

Purpose-designed pallets

Purpose-designed pallet

Purpose designed warehouse pallets can be made to your own specific requirements. They can be made from special materials and be designed to suit specialised handling equipment.