Universal ESD Trolleys designed for The Electronics Industry. We all have felt it, electrostatic discharge (= ESD) and have received, for example, an electric shock after walking on a carpet and then touching something. Actually, while we are moving and working, we continuously generate static electricity and this is dangerous to Static Sensitive Devices (SSD's) and if it does not break them it will reduce the lifespan.

esd - antistatic furniture

Specially designed Treston workshop cupboard that features a Fully ESD anti-static finish ideal for the storage of static sensitive equipment. Available in two heights 2000 and 997 mm. 2000 high unit comes with 4 x shelves as standard, Approximate lead times are 2 to 3 weeks. Manufactured in Finland.

esd cupboards

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Static electricity is created all the time at home and at the workplace. In normal circumstances hand contact with a conductive material will discharge static from the body very rapidly. This is ESD (Electro Static Discharge).

ESD Upholstered Chair

ESD clothing is manufactured using a special static dissipative material and designed for use in ESD protected areas for the protection of static sensitive devices.

esd t-shirts

A range of metallised barrier bags in various sizes and supplied in packages of 100 and ESD cleanroom swabs designed to easily remove particles and residue with no abrasions.

esd metallised bags

Shelf Bins ESD For The Electronic Industry

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Storage Bins

Storage Bins with corrugated base are suitable for all standard shelves with a depth 300, 400, 500 and 600 mm. The corrugated base design eases the picking of the smallest of items. These bins stack securely, as do bins of different depths when the width is the same. Material: semiconductive polypropylene. Full width label with protective shield is included with the bin. Label holders simply lift off when necessary. Shield is not conductive.

Shelf Bins ESD

ESD Euro plastic containers are made from electrically conductive plastic and are consequently especially suitable for the safe storage and transportation of electronic goods.

ESD Euro plastic containers

In a few simple steps, the volume of the ESD foldable containers can be reduced by up to 82%. What is more, the box is particularly light, very stable and stackable. The electrically conductive material reliably protects the electronic components from electrical charges.

ESD folding plastic boxes

ESD Part Storage Stands And Trolleys. 2017 Trade Prices (Discounts available)

Cabinet Stand ESD For The Electronics Industry

Cabinet Stand ESD

Safe transport and mobility options for PCB boards for external shipping or for moving around a workplace. ESD PCB Storage solutions for the protection of static sensitive devices now even more popular with modern manufacturers in the United Kingdom.

laberack pcb handling

As well as the standard plastic pallets we have a wide range of ESD anti-static plastic pallets in three different models and many European sizes. Lightweight, Medium and Smooth top ESD pallets with or without retaining lips to hold containers on top whilst moving around.

esd plastic pallets

An ESD protected, effective storage system for sensitive components. Customise your small parts shelving to your own requirements. Depths of 400, 500 or 600 mm.


ESD Storage Cabinets For The Electronics Industry

Small Parts Storage Cabinets ESD For The Electronics Industry

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Small Parts Storage Cabinets ESD 290/550

ESD system trolleys for Euro containers and trolleys for small parts are the ideal solution if the ESD-sensitive contents are frequently required at different work stations. All its parts, including the rollers, are manufactured using electrically conductive plastic and are consequently securely protected from electrostatic charges.

ESD system trolleys

An adjustable ESD workbench such as the Treston WB series ESD workbench is extremely ergonomic with simple height adjustability at the press of a button or by turning a hand crank allows an operator to alternate between seated and standing working positions quickly. Large range of accessories are available.

ESD Workbench adjustable height

Importance of ESD Protection in Electronics Manufacturing

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Image of ESD workbench

Industrial ESD Workbench – TP ESD series

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ESD TP Workbench

Mobile ESD bench CTR 705 ESD

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The robust, ball-bearing base has a load capacity of 800 kg. These assemblies offer storage for up to 1792 different items on a floor area of only 0.64 sqm. The unit includes a ball-bearing base and shelves in 4 layers. Earthing via a 1 megaohm protective resistor. Easy to assemble - no tools required.

ESD Part Storage Turntable

Bench top spacemiser PTP-5 ESD series

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