Well-presented packages and parcels give an important first impression for any company. Treston packing stations ensure that valuable and vulnerable products are packed on equipment specifically designed for the task. Height adjustment of worktops 760 to 1050 mm.

Packing station  PPH

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The Treston worktop overhangs the frame by 300 mm and this can be set to the left or right side during assembly. Bench with upright profiles and a laminate shelf, height adjustment between 1100... 1650 mm: the top has 6 steel divider hoops for holding cartons. Supports for paper and cardboard rolls. Frame construction of the packing bench is the same as Treston TP/TPH-workbenches. TPH accessories can be used with the PPH bench.

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Packing station PPH with accessories

Model Worktop mm Frame mm Load Capacity
PPH918 900 X 1800 900 X 1500 300KG
PPH921 900 X 2100 900 X 1800 300KG

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PPL 170



PPL 170





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