The Treston storage turntable also called the spacemiser due to the highly concentrated way that it can store static sensitive devices. The turntable consists of a base with bearings for easy rotation when fully loaded. We can also supply a standard non-ESD cabinet should you not requite the semi conductive properties of the turntable system below.

ESD Part Storage Turntable



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Latest Treston Prices

Bench top spacemiser PTP-5 ESD series

ESD This unit consists of a combination ball bearing base/baseplate and will hold 2 small parts storage cabinets cabinets 291 ESD/264 ESD or 551 ESD/554 ESD depending on type. See the details below. If you would like to have any other combination of ESD small parts storage cabinets, please notify us when ordering. Earthing cable is included. Load capacity 50 kg.

Model Size mm Notes
PTP-5 ESD Kit-1 310 x 360 x 300 1 x 291 ESD
1 x 294 ESD
PTP-5 ESD Kit-2 310 x 360 x 350 1 x 551 ESD
1 x 554 ESD


Small parts turntable Spacemiser 12-550 ESD series

This unit consists of a combination ball bearing base/ baseplate and dividing trays and top plate and will hold 12 small parts storage cabinets 551/554 ESD in three layers. Each layer contains four cabinets. This unit includes ball bearing base, dividing trays and a baseplate. Load capacity 400 kg. Earth via protective 1 megohm resistor.

Model Size mm Notes
12-550 ESD Kit-1 500 x 500 x 1730 6 x 551 ESD
6 x 554 ESD


ESD parts storage turntable 16-300 ESD series

This unit holds 16 Bin Cabinets of series 300. This unit includes a ball bearing base and dividing trays. Load capacity 800 kg. Earth via protective 1 megohm resistor.

Model Size mm Notes
16-300 ESD Kit-1 700 x 700 x 1680 8 x 0830 ESD
8 x 1630 ESD

Treston ESD Product Information and Specifications Catalogue

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