Clean room partition comes in various standards measured by the number of particles per square foot or metre.  Food and drink is nominally rated at ISO 7 and the lower the number the better the rating.  This partition system here can be used for ISO 5 which includes Hospitals and Pharmaceuticals facilities, also Aerospace. The highest classification is ISO 3 used mainly for Micro-Electronics (Based on ISO 14644-1). 

titan cleanroom steel partition

Clean rooms are a specially designated area where air flow, filters and clothing along with procedures are all required to maintain the correct class.

Titan CR-2 has been designed specifically for clean rooms. Its two line junction keeps dust traps to a minimum and its powder coated finish is an ideal surface for clean environments. It is also completely demount able, enabling one panel to be removed without having to dismantle the whole enclosure. All hardware accessories come in stainless steel as standard due to its excellent 'clean'properties.

Clean room theory

This guide is intended to outline the basics of clean room construction and how Titan CR-2 partitions can be used as a part of a complete clean room solution.
Maximum performance is obtained by sealing all joints after installation, including perimeters to glazed apertures. Normal applications would be in dry
Environments, where Titan can be cleaned using the specifications.

Titan double skin steel partition.jpg

Titan CR-2 is a high quality double skin clean room partitioning system, although its versatility allows it to be used in more than just clean room applications. Used in conjunction with the correct air handling and HVAC systems, Titan CR-2 is ideal for working towards an ISO 14644-1 class 5 clean room
Environment. This is achieved by reducing the number of joints and ledges, using special flush glazing and by utilising coved skirting.
Maximum performance is obtained by sealing all joints after installation, including perimeters to glazed apertures.
Ceilings are formed from a single line junction panel with an optional facility for carrying a person's weight for maintenance purposes.
Titan CR-2 can be multi-tiered and profiled for warehouse and office divisions to create a more appropriate environment in specialised areas.

Please consult our sales office for details.

Finish -
TGIC free, and lead free polyester powder coating: Available as standard in the distinctive RAL 9016 white, with an average coat thickness of 70 microns. Non-standard and corporate colours are also available upon request.
Anti-static / electro dissipative, and antimicrobial powder coatings are also available.

Titan clean room steel partition

Data sheet available here

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