The fully adjustable workbench, either with the electric motors or manually via crank or Allen key. Manufactured by Treston in Finland these workbenches use quality materials and are suitable for assembly, production and medical research. A wide range of accessories as shown in the image compliments this extensive range.

WB height adjustable workbench

Medium Duty, Fully Welded, Ready for immediate use, our Assembly Benches are constructed from square section steel. Choice of worktops MDF, Laminated, ESD - Anti-static Laminated and Steel. Weight capacity UDL 500 kg

assembly workbench with upper shelf and storage

There is a new workbench available called the Binary and available in various configurations that include height adjustability along with a choice of a 30 mm laminated top or a 27 mm thick Beech top.

binary height adjustable workbench with accessories

Budget heavy duty workbenches in several formats and available now on our online shop. Flat packed workbenches or fully welded systems are available to suit all budgets and are popular in garages and workshops where budgets are limited.

Budget workbench AP12600.V4 1

Basic industrial and durable workbenches that can be supplied in two standard heights 840 mm and 760 mm for sitting at and we also have 920mm for work where tall operators are standing or where the item to be worked on needs raising.  Supplied as KD or Flat packed the workbenches are easily installed.

durable square tube workbenches

Taking the Premier flat pack workbench frame and adding the standard under-bench storage units makes for a quality yet economic workbench solution.

medium duty work bench

Economy Welded Steel Workbench manufactured with formed 2mm thick steel worktop and no sharp edges or joints. Welded lugs allow for the workbench to be bolted to the floor for additional stability.

Economy Workbench

The electrical safety workbenches are manufactured with Ash frames and three choices of worktop.  Laminated, MFC and Vinyl.  All workbenches are manufactured to order and can be modified to suit your particular requirements.

Electrical Safety Bench

The Euroslide workstations provide a combined storage and work area with two sizes of tops 1805 and 1505 mm. The cabinets are also available separately for adding to existing work areas and the drawers all have slots for taking dividers.


Garage workbenches and workstations both static and mobile and designed for the experienced engineer and mechanic looking for a cost effective work solution at home. Most of the workbenches shown are delivered flat packed making them easy to move through a building or standard doorways prior ti assembly.

AP165WB Garage Workbenches


Heavy duty engineering workbenches that are fully welded (not flat packed) and are constructed from steel angle with braced galvanised tops or 45mm timber top or super heavy duty with galvanised steel on top of 45mm timber. For the toughest workbenches in the UK you have arrived at the right place.

heavy duty welded workbench

Optimising workstation functionality may prove difficult without well chosen accessories that increase usability. When a workstation is well planned and well equipped, workflow becomes easier and more efficient, improving ergonomics and making it easier to keep tools in place. The heavy duty workbenches have a capacity of 750 kg.

hdb distinctive workbenches

Heavy duty workbenches with a wide range of storage options that are ideal for laboratory and educational purposes. All workbenches are supplied with a 40mm thick beech veneered worktop.
WTB16Z heavy duty workbench

Our height adjustable workbenches are designed so that the operator can sit or stand.  Available in a Premium model with many accessories such as louvre panels and lights and the budget model. The adjustable height workbench has always been seen as the ultimate in ergonomics. 

height adjustable workbenches

An industrial ESD anti static workbench such as TP series bench is an all rounder that can easily be adapted to various applications in production, assembly, repair, test and R&D areas or in a warehouse for packing and dispatching requiring ESD protection.

ESD TP Workbench

Infinite heavy duty workbenches designed with shared legs so that long runs on workbenches can be accomplished and costs reduced over using standard workbenches. The infinite workbench system has a weight loading capacity of 1000 kg UDL.

infinity workbenches 1000kg capacity

Single or modular, for one or more users, these robust IT bench units are excellent for workshops, offices and classrooms. With a strong and durable work surface, the design of these workbenches provides solutions for the working practices of today and tomorrow.

I.T. Bench

We offer equipment for the healthcare and professional environment.(wet, cold, chilled and kitchen) as well as two budgetary ranges of trolleys. Our “Premier” range which is manufactured from stainless steel is shown below.

stainless steel worktops and equipment

The Flexistation workbench system is ideal for light assembly work or a production run. These benches arrive on site built up with above the work surface accessories supplied loose. All workbenches are 840mm high as standard, other heights available.

medium duty square tube work bench

Mobile ESD bench CTR 705 ESD

Latest Prices


Budget Medium Duty Workbenches designed by taking the Premier flat pack workbench frame and adding the standard under bench storage units makes for a quality yet economic workbench solution.

mobile work bench with cabinet

Our Mobile workbenches are fully welded for greater strength and supplied fully assembled. Ideal for situations where the bench needs to go to the work.  All our mobile benches can be customised to suit your requirements and delivered within 7 to 10 days.

Mobile Bench Single Cupboard

These tailored Eaton modular counter units are excellent for trade counters and show rooms. Manufactured from high quality materials, their strong construction make them ideally suited to a working environment. Counters are usually supplied ready assembled and include two fixed shelves. To order, simply measure the length of counter required, draw a simple sketch showing the length, depth and, if required, the position of the lift up flap and gate.

Modular Counter

Optimising workstation functionality may prove difficult without well-chosen accessories that increase usability. When a workstation is well-planned and well-equipped, workflow becomes easier and more efficient, improving ergonomics and making it easier to keep tools in place.

tp workbenches in use

Flat pack modular pedestal workbench system offering a variety of storage and workspace solutions. Leg frames are constructed from fabricated steel section to bolt to the worktop. 650mm high premier units are mounted on 150mm high steel plinths. All cabinets are lockable and contain 1 adjustable shelf. All drawers are mounted on precision ball bearing telescopic slides offering a 40Kg (UDL) capacity.

pedestal work bench with cabinet

Premier UK Manufactured Workbenches with various systems and weight capacities of 450 kg - 700 kg UDL. All workbenches are 840mm high as standard, other heights available. All Premier workbench frames, cabinet and drawer carcases are epoxy polyester powder coated in Mid Grey RAL 7001. All premier cabinet doors and drawers are epoxy polyester powder coated in a choice of colours.

Premier medium duty workbench trolley

Replacement Workbench Tops are designed to help you save money and turn your old workbench into a rejuvenated one. There are a number of sizes available and choice of worktops, which include - Grey Laminate, ESD (Antistatic),  MDF,  Steel, Solid Slip Vinyl and The uniformly distributed load (UDL) is up to 500kg for each workbench. when fitted to a suitable frame. Standard sizes are generally available in two weeks whilst specialist sizes may take twice that.

workbench replacement tops

Square tube workbenches provide a simple design that at its core is four legs and a top. Our square tube range of benches has been extended to include a wide range of cupboards, drawers and accessories such as louver panels.

square tube benches-and-cupboards

Stainless steel workbenches and tables primarily designed for the health and food industry though with the non corrosive properties and inherent quality these stainless steel benches are popular where ever longevity under harsh conditions is a requirement.

ssbench baseshelf cab

The stainless steel workbench and prep table is universally regarded as one of the material that does not rust and can be easily cleaned to remove all vestiges of bacteria or contaminants. All the stainless steel tables are manufactured here in the UK using grade 304 stainless steel.

stainless steel prep bench 600

The electronics industry produces and handles devices that are extremely sensitive to the discharge of static electricity. A person moving around on a chair or walking across a floor can generate electrostatic potential in the order of 20,000 volts.

Static Control Workbench

UK manufactured from steel these workshop benches suit any requirement and are available in special sizes and configurations, also available in stainless steel for environments requiring strict standards of cleanliness and hygiene. All workbenches are of fully welded and offer a rigid steel construction. 

steel worktop welded workbench

A range of robustly constructed workstations designed for Team Leaders, Supervisors or Line Managers. 


Timber workbenches are still a requirement for a lot of industrial and educational establishments and offer a stable work platform. Models are available for Standard, Garage and Square wooden benches. The timber benches can be manufactured with a wide range of accessories such as vices, drawers and cupboards as shown in the images below.
animated timber workbenches

General Purpose wooden framed workbenches designed for use as a general purpose bench in industrial environments. The ash frame workbenches and desks are manufactured in Lancashire to extremely high standards to give a longer life and are ideally suited to educational and industrial applications.

Ash Frame Desk

UK Manufactured workbench tops. These are supplied ready for fitting to a frame. The quality of the workmanship is reflected in the fact these are supplied to the three largest manufacturers in the workbench industry.

Standard Workbench Tops

The Workshop workbench is a sturdy model that can withstand the heavy wear and tear of heavy industry. It is a good choice for workshops, automotive and other repair shops, maintenance units, and challenging environments in which chemicals or heavy loads are handled on a daily basis. Choose the modules that best meet your needs.

workshop workbenches

Strong steel storage cabinet system for tough professional environments. The Euro cabinet system is a versatile range of steel work cabinets which combine to form complete working layouts with lots of storage.

Heavy duty workstations with cupboards