Strong steel storage cabinet system for tough professional environments. The Euro cabinet system is a versatile range of steel work cabinets which combine to form complete working layouts with lots of storage.

Heavy duty workstations with cupboards

This page shows ‘easy order’ popular combinations as examples. Constructed from 18 and 20swg steel sheet. Lever lock handles with 2 rods locking top and bottom, 2 keys.
Drawers on ball bearing runners, 25kg capacity. Individual drawers in combination units lockable.
7 & 8 drawer cabinets lockable as unit. Powder coated finish, grey cabinets, blue doors and drawer fronts, other colours on request

Popular Combinations though the beauty of this system is that it can be tailored to your needs using modular off the shelf compnents.

Ref Cabinet combination
ECA EC0903; EC0900; WC10; WP05; WTL10
ECB EC0900; EC0904; WC02; WC10 WTL15
ECC EC0901; EC0900; EC0904; 2xWC10; WTB20
ECE EC2005; EC0903; EC0900; WC10; WP05; WTL10
ECH EC0900; EC0901; EC0920B; EC0917E; EC0905; EC0904; WTB10; WTB20
ECJ EC0904; EC0900; EC0901; EC0905; WTL20; WTL10
ECK EC0905; EC0901; EC0900; WTB20
ECL EC0900F; 2xEC0901; EC0920B; EC0917E; EC0905 EC0900; EC0904; 2xWTB10; WTB20
ECM EC0904;EC0920B; EC0905; 2xWTB10
ECN EC0920L; EC0901; EC0900; WTL10
ECO EC0903; EC0900; EC0910; EC2005; WC01 2xWC05; WP09; WP04; TSO; WTL20
ECP EC0920B; EC0904; 2xEC0917E; EC0905; EC0901; EC0906; EC0910; WTB10; WTB15; WTB20

popular cupboard workstations

Note: These selected combinations shown here can be varied with alternative worktops or individual units to suit your particular needs.

Euro workshop cabinets

Sample component of the Euro modular system

Cupboard Bench 1200 x 600 mm Laminate.

RE1 LA cupboard workbench

Specification (Image above)
Product code WG-RE1-LA
Overall depth - (mm) 600
Capacity (UDL - kg) 300
Worktop height - (mm) 840
Worktop thickness -(mm) 18

Medium duty workbenches fitted with full length sliding door cupboard.
Storage/cupboard benches are based on the 4-leg medium duty range or workbenches.
Cupboard have single half depth fixed steel shelf.
Traditional Square 4-Leg frame design, fully welded and manufactured from mild steel 32 x 32 mm legs, 50 x 25 mm and 25 x 25 mm cross members.
Colour choice of sliding doors. (Blue, Red and Green)

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