Our height adjustable premium workbenches are designed so that the operator can sit or stand.  Available in a Premium model with many accessories such as louvre panels and lights and the budget model. The adjustable height workbench has always been seen as the ultimate in ergonomics. 

height adjustable workbenches

Height Adjustable Premium Workbench

height adjustable bench premium

Height adjustable bench suitable for heavy use in assembly, production and engineering.

Adjustable in height from 730 mm to 950 mm.

Powder coated light grey framework. 

Full range of accessories available including drawers, cupboards, shelves, louvre panels and service ducts.

Static dissipative worktops also available - please contact sales for details.

Linoleum and laminate worktop options available.

Uniform Weight Loading is 200 kg

Premium height adjustable workbenches are adjustable between 730 and 950 mm

Premium Height Adjustable Workbenches - Laminate Worktop 20 mm Thick

Size H.W.DCode
W.1200 D.600 BA791260PLXX
W.1200 D.750 BA791275PLXX
W.1500 D.600 BA791560PLXX
W.1500 D.750 BA791575PLXX
W.1800 D.600 BA791860PLXX
W.1800 D.750 BA791875PLXX
W.900 D.600 BA799060PLXX

Premium Height Adjustable Workbenches - Linoleum Worktop 20 mm Thick

Size H.W.DCode
W.1200 D.600 BA7912608LXX
W.1200 D.750 BA7912758LXX
W.1500 D.600 BA7915608LXX
W.1500 D.750 BA7915758LXX
W.1800 D.600 BA7918608LXX
W.1800 D.750 BA7918758LXX
W.900 D.600 BA7990608LXX

Premium Height Adjustable Workbenches - Solid Beech Worktop 27 mm Thick

Size H.W.DCode
W.1200 D.600 BA799060BLXX
W.1500 D.600 BA7915608BXX
W.1500 D.750 BA7915758BXX
W.1800 D.600 BA7918608BXX
W.1800 D.750 BA7918758BXX
W.900 D.600 BA7990608BXX

Workbench - Drawer & Cupboard Options

Size H.W.DDescriptionCode
H.220 W.420 D.420 Single Drawer Unit BEDR04021*
H.435 W.420 D.420 Triple Drawer Unit BEDR04043*
H.435 W.420 D.420 Cupboard Unit BECU04041*

Budget Height Adjustable Workbench



Height adjustable workstation suitable for general use in assembly,light engineering and laboratories.

  • Adjustable in height from 730 mm to 950 mm.
  • Powder coated dark grey framework. 
  • No more banged knuckles - desk can even be adjusted when positioned flush against a wall. 
  • Removable adjustment handle. 
  • Does not accept bench accessories.
  • Height Adjustable Cost Saver
  • Weight Loading is 100 kg

budget height adjustable workbenches hand crank

Laminate Worktop 20 mm thick

Size H.W.D                      Code

950 x 1205 x 605                  DA791260PLXX

950 x 1205 x 755                 DA791275PLXX

950 x 1805 x 605                 DA791860PLXX

950 x 1805 x 755                 DA791875PLXX

950 x 605 x 605                   DA796060PLXX

For a selection of quality workbenches available to order online, please visit out shop here

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