The UK Manufactured workbench tops. These are supplied ready for fitting to a frame. The quality of the workmanship is reflected in the fact these are supplied to the three largest manufacturers in the workbench industry. We also have a range of very heavy industrial worktops with steel and wood finishes.

Desk and Table replacement tops

All workbench tops are supplied cut, drilled and edged ready for inclusion in flat packs.

Standard Workbench Tops

Standard Workbench Tops

Standard Workbench Tops are available in a wide range of colours in the following surface finishes:

  • laminate
  • vinyl
  • lino / marmoleum.
  • plywood
  • rubber

Static Control Workbench Tops

These workbench tops are used in environments where the safe handling of electrostatic sensitive devices and assemblies is essential. This includes the micro-electronics, bomb disposal and pharmaceutical industries.

UK Manufactured Static Control Workbench Tops are available in the following combinations:

  • grey ESD (electrostatic dissipative) laminate
  • blue or dark grey neo-stat.

Replacement Table and Desk Tops

As well as the workbench tops above we can offer standard table and desktops as detailed below. These are ideal for replacing damaged desks and tables or where tops can be built in for specialist requirements.
We also have legs so that you can assemble a complete desk, bench or table.
Prices below are accurate for 2013.

Heavy Duty Workbench Tops 

Replacement Workbench Tops are designed to help you save money and turn your old workbench into a rejuvenated one. There are a number of sizes available and choice of worktops, which include - Grey Laminate, ESD (Antistatic),  MDF,  Steel, Solid Slip Vinyl and The uniformly distributed load (UDL) is up to 500kg for each workbench. when fitted to a suitable frame. Standard sizes are generally available in two weeks whilst specialist sizes may take twice that.

workbench replacement tops

Grey Laminate

laminate top new 600px 

18 mm thick and edged all around

ESD Laminate Worktops

esd replacement worktop 600px 

The ESD laminate is also 18 mm thick and with the right frame or earthing straps offers protection for static sensitive devices (SSD)

MDF Worktops

mdf replacement worktop 600px 

MDF tops offer a no thrills industrial worktop and are 18 mm thick.

Steel Worktops

 galvanised steel worktop 600px

The standard steel worktop is galvanised to prevent corrosion and is 2 mm thick and we can also offer Black and Stainless steel tops.

Black Rubber on Steel Worktops

black rubber over steel worktop

This option offers a standard black rubber bonded to a steel top and is designed to offer a softer surface.

Compact Laminate Worktops

compact laminate worktop 600px 

The compact laminate top is 12 mm thick and designed to be water and chemical resistant.

Wood Worktops

wood worktop 600px 

Solid 45 mm thick wood that is smooth and suitable for a wide range of uses.

Wood and Steel Worktops

steel over wood worktop 

Based on the 45 mm thick tops above nut wrapped in a 2 mm thick galvanised steel making these part of our "Super Heavy Duty benches"


Standard top sizes are shown below in millimetres

  1. 1200 x 600
  2. 1200 x 750
  3. 1200 x 900
  4. 1500 x 600
  5. 1500 x 750
  6. 1500 x 900
  7. 1800 x 600
  8. 1800 x 750
  9. 1800 x 900
  10. 2000 x 600
  11. 2000 x 750
  12. 2000 x 900
  13. 2000 x 1200 suitable for a double-sided workbench

As well as these sizes we can offer sizes in-between though normally 2200 mm x 1200 mm is the largest size available.

Contact Merlin Industrial Products with your enquiry stating size, type and quantity.

Please note that with some of these workbench tops it may be worth changing the whole bench as the steel frame does not add that much more to the price as shown below on our online shop.

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